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About Larry

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Larry was raised in a home full of music.   By the age of eight, after just a few lessons, he taught  himself to sight read as well as play by ear.

Today, with a memorized repertoire of close to 2,000 songs, most of which he can play in any key, Larry is a favorite for clients who desire an adept, passionate performer who can play from an extensive range of genres and styles.


Larry has entertained professionally in many states and overseas as well.  In addition to solo piano, he has worked with many live theater and other venues.  Featured as keyboardist on countless studio recording projects, Larry's also done songwriting, arranging and music directing.

Currently in the Iowa City area, conveniently located within a few hours of Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis,  St. Louis or Chicago, out of state bookings are not uncommon.

Clients book Larry well in advance, to secure the "gold standard" treatment that people love and remember.
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